Calibration: Temperature

Within our Laboratory it is possible for us to carry out a variety of temperature calibrations on equipment such as:

Thermocouples, Base & Noble -80°C to 600°C
Electronic Thermometers with Sensors -80°C to 1350°C
Temperature Dry Block Calibrators -80°C to 600°C
PT 100 Probes -80°C to 600°C
Steriliser Engineer's Test Equipment -80°C to 600°C
Dataloggers with Sensors-System Calibration -80°C to 600°C
Chart Recorders with Sensors-System Calibration -80°C to 600°C
Infra-Red Thermometers Ambient to 350°C
Thermal Imagers Ambient to 350°C
Mercury In Glass Thermometers -20°C to 600°C

Cold junction compensation calibrations at an ambient temperature are also available.