Hire: Cable & Pipe Locators

IRC has a large selection of Cable Avoiding Tools & Generators available for hire.

Buried Utilities represent a major hazard to construction workers the world over. Poorly planned excavations can cause cable or pipe damage resulting in costly repairs, delays and personal injury.

The C.A.T and Genny range are designed to locate these services so that they can be avoided.

Radiodetection C.A.T3 Cable Avoiding Tool

C.A.T3 (Cable Avoidance Tool) is an advanced cable avoidance tool delivering world class performance from a powerful digital processing platform can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services or the Genny3 can be used to apply a distinctive signal that the C.A.T3 can detect.

Key Features:

  • Precision locate - Improved pinpointing of buried services and exceptionally fast sound and meter response.
  • Simplicity and Ease of Use
  • Optimized locate - Operates effectively in congested sites, and sites with overhead cables.
  • Avoidance Scan - Search in Power, Radio and Genny modes simultaneously for improved safety and faster surveys.
  • Strike Alert - Alerts the user to shallow power cables by flashing an alert icon.

CAT3 Genny3

Radiodetection Genny3 signal generator

The Radiodetection Genny3 signal generator operates on 33kHz and increases the flexibility of the CAT3 range of cable avoidance tools by allowing it to detect a signal directly connected or induced into a cable or pipe by the Genny3

A pulsed or continuous signal output is selectable via a switch located in the Genny3 stowage compartment. The pulsed output is ideal for optimising battery life whilst the continuous output is required when using the Genny3 in conjunction with the Radiodetection CAT3+ for depth indication.

Key Features:

  • Selectable pulsed or continuous signal output.
  • Easy to use - Minimal training required.
  • Compact design with built in compartment for accessories.
  • Simple push button operation.
  • Rugged and weatherproof to IP54.